Listen For The Banjos…

Do you like wine? Do you like scenic car rides that take you further and further away from the hustle and bustle of this hectic world we live in? If so, you must make the pleasurable trek to my latest discovery — French Ridge Vineyards & Winery – in rural Killbuck, Ohio. I love wine and I love trying new wines. I also love visiting different wineries. In anticipation of my vacation this week, I asked my Facebook friends for some suggestions on wineries they enjoyed visiting. There were many good suggestions but I settled on this particular one due to it’s proximity to my home and the good recommendation that came with it. I was not disappointed.

It was a beautiful warm and sunny afternoon when my sister Lisa and I set out on our adventure. As we traveled further and further into the lush, rolling hills with fewer and fewer inhabitants visible, my sister rather nervously made a “Deliverance”-related comment and we both laughed and agreed that we hoped our car wouldn’t break down here in the middle of nowhere!  After only about a 25 minute drive from my home, we came upon the sign for the vineyard and traveled up the side of a hill to it’s location. Once inside we were impressed with the pleasant decor and furnishings and proceeded to park our behinds on the chairs at the tasting bar. We were each given a Wine Tasting Score Sheet that listed the 17 different wines they make, a bowl of oyster crackers and off we went!  Since Lisa and I had never done anything like this together, it was quite fun finding out each others’ likes and dislikes and the commentary that went along with it. Since we both tended more towards the sweeter wines rather than the dry, we had many to sample, as 10 of their 17 tended to fall into that category. I personally had a difficult time choosing my favorites, as they were all very good. However, I eventually managed to narrow it down to their Ridge Red, the Rose’ and the  Inspiration, which is a rather delicate peachy wine. Their prices are very reasonable, so a bottle of each made its’ way into my car. After we finished with the tasting, we made our way out to the beautiful deck that overlooks the vines in all their splendor spread out over the hillside. Along with the clear blue sky and the lush green wooded hills all around, I was in awe of the beauty and peacefulness there. Having said that, it may or may not be a downside, but, if there were any to this particular winery, it would be that you can ONLY get their wine by going there in person. They do not ship or sell in any stores. So, take that as you will. We were highly impressed and enjoyed our afternoon adventure!



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