New Beginnings …

Do you remember the thrill of getting the occasional “big” box of 64 Crayola crayons?  All the colors you could imagine were there … Periwinkle…Maize…..Cornflower….all the points still perfect … all the wrappers crisp and intact.  That unique smell that could not be confused with anything else.  Add in a brand new coloring book…..preferably the kind with the “skinny” lines or a new tablet with crisp white paper and all was suddenly right with the world!

Starting a new year can and hopefully will invoke similar feelings.  Like the fresh, unworn tips on those new crayons, we can do our best to leave behind in 2016 our old worn down selves and the issues that wore us down and out.  Just like that new blank sheet of paper, we can start the new year fresh and fill 2017 with all kinds of colorful new ideas, experiences, people and projects.

Personally, I am starting off the new year with some new projects and hobbies as well as “re-sharpening” a few old ones.  I’ve always wanted to learn to play the harmonica…..visions of blasting out the fantastic harmonica part in Sheryl Crow’s  “Real Gone” from the “Cars” movie in my mind’s eye. So, that is first up on my list for this year.  Along those lines, I hope to do more piano playing as well.  As a dyed-in-the-wool nature lover, I have dabbled a little in photography in the past but hope to maybe take that up a notch this year too.  I have my eye on a rather ‘fancy pants’ camera that would really make it a whole new experience … in the event that I ‘spring’ for it.  In keeping with my “artsy fartsy” nature, I have always wanted to take a class of some sort at the Art Center.  Glass fusion and/or silver smithing both appeal…we’ll see if the stars align for that.  Growing bigger on my list is an idea I’ve been kicking around for some time now.  It’s been 10 years since I closed the doors on my once-thriving handmade natural soaps, lotions and toiletries business.  At the height of all that, I had 37 different products in my line…. all made from scratch, by hand …. mine.  Well, the “mad scientist” in me is feeling “the itch” to get back into my ‘lab’ and PERHAPS start some small batches of 2 or 3 of my most popular items.  Despite the fact that it’s well over 10 years old and I keep urging her to throw it out, a friend of mine still swears by a small tin of my Herbal Ouchie Ointment for almost overnight healing of boo boos.  Similarly, my daughter recently informed me that whenever she and hubby have a baby, I WILL be expected to produce a batch….or two…or three of my Baby Booty Balm, testimonials for which declare it as uniquely healing for persistent diaper rash.  Hmmmmmm………2017 is sounding more fun by the minute!!  Enter the “wet blanket” …. a reminder to myself that I still have to work full time in order to help fund these fun things!!  LoL!

Anyway, as the saying goes, the ‘sky is the limit’, the story of your new year is YOUR’S to write and illustrate however YOU choose.  You’ve got the new “coloring book”… get out those “crayons” and get busy!  Just remember … there’s no rule saying you always have to stay “in the lines” …. in fact, things often turn out better when you don’t!

Happy New Year!

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