Me Woman…..You Man…

I am starting yet another category within my blog. I often find myself pondering a thought or question here or there that might only generate a few sentences or a paragraph or two and yet it is something I would still like to say.  Hence, the birth of “Just Snippets ….”, where you will find a very wide range of topics but not a whole lot about any one in particular.  I consider it “food for thought”.



I know for certain there will be women who take issue with what I’m about to write … and maybe even some men.  That’s ok.  However, I do believe that we still have freedom of speech here in the good old US of A.

I will preface my little ‘snippet’ by first telling you that I LOVE being a woman.  I love being a ‘multi-faceted’ woman.  Most of the time I suppose you’d say I’m more of a feminine “girly-girl” type – I love to dress fashionably, I love to wear cool ‘artsy’ jewelry, I love to wear nice perfume, I love nice purses, cute shoes and boots, etc. etc.  ….and I can “shop till I drop” if need be.  But, I also have a bit of a “tom-boy” side.  In this mode I love to be outside tramping around the woods looking at plants and trees and any critters I might encounter; slog through creeks looking for interesting things, dissect worms and bugs and, if I still could, I would probably also be climbing trees.  I’m not afraid to get dirty.  I guess it may seem complex…but it still boils down to the fact that I love being a woman…specifically a woman who loves being around men who like to be men.  Betcha thought I was never going to get to my point, huh!!

Well, this morning I had to run an errand that involved a visit to an area “home-improvement-type” store.  Ladies, have you ever been around a man who just REALLY made you feel like a woman?  You know what I mean…’s a great feeling!  Well, I guess this was my lucky day.  I won’t describe him because, quite frankly, he has some rather specific “characteristics” that might make him easy to identify … and I would never want to embarrass him.  But, rest assured, he had all the initial qualities that left no doubt in my mind which team he was “batting for”.

During our 5 – 10 minute interaction, he could not have been more polite, respectful, helpful, and professional.  But the best part was that he was still a man who treated me like a lady.  Now I know some of you ladies do NOT like it when men call you “Honey” or “Sweetie” or something similar.  I’m sorry girls, but I have to ‘jump ship’ on this one, because, unless it is meant in a condescending or derogatory way, I happen to LOVE it when men do that to me.  So, when this tall good looking tower of testosterone called me “Darlin’ ” in a sincere, and “manly” way, with a big smile on his face, I felt like a million bucks!!  Such a simple thing!  Just think about that!  So fellas, don’t lose heart, not all of us are bra-burning, up-in-your-face feminists. Yes, if I’m doing EXACTLY the same job as you, I expect to get the same pay as you. But, I am still a woman who embraces femininity and I am attracted to men who exude masculinity.  We were created to be different, not the same.  You can do many things I cannot.  And I’m good with that!  I expect you to be physically stronger than me and I LOVE that about you.  I expect you to be “the protector” and I LOVE that about you.  My daddy taught me that when walking down the street a man should ALWAYS walk on the outside – the street side – to protect the lady from any possible harm.  In my 56 years on this planet I have only had 1 man who did this …. the man who rocked my world this past summer.  It may seem small and insignificant fellas but to those of us who were raised a certain way ….. believe me…. we take notice.

On the other hand, there are many things I can do better than you.  And that’s ok too.  It’s all part of the original “blueprints”.  So….call me “old fashioned”….or better yet,  call me ‘darlin’….or  ‘sweetheart’ or ‘sugar’……’s all good……I don’t want to change a thing!!!


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