Capitulation Isn’t Always A Bad Thing…

I finally succumbed.  I had thought about it for awhile and was ‘on the fence’, not knowing if it would really help motivate me or not.  Then I decided against it, knowing myself as I do…thinking it would just end up making me feel like a loser.  And NOT the kind of ‘loser’ I would like to be.  Enter a new health insurance plan and the REQUIREMENT to jump through a gazillion “wellness hoops”.  One of these “hoops” would be easier to document if I did a ‘360’ on my decision.  So, I did, rather reluctantly. I bought a Fitbit.

Originally I thought it might be fun and motivating to be able to do what a good friend of mine was doing with hers.  She and several other friends had ‘synced’ their Fitbits together in such a way that at any point in a given day, they could open the App on their cell phone and see how many steps each other had tallied so far that day.  The general idea being something along the lines of, “Oh boy…Mary already has 3,000 steps in today …I better get on it!”.  Well, unfortunately this specific functionality apparently no longer exists within the App.  When you sync up with friends, you can only see their weekly or average step count … not a current running total for just that day.  Very disappointing to me. I also discovered early on that I was being ‘cheated’ out of a lot of steps.  For me personally, it seems that many of the times  I’m doing a fair amount of walking, I am also, unfortunately, doing something that prevents my arms from swinging, i.e. pushing a grocery cart, carrying equipment at work, etc.  The Fitbit only registers a ‘step’ when you swing the arm it’s attached to.  So I did some thinking and researching and found a gal on Etsy who makes special Fitbit bands for your ANKLE.  Problem solved!  I am now accurately counting each and every step and I don’t have to worry about pushing it up to wash my hands or fretting that it clashes with my jewelry, etc.

One of the requirements of the above mentioned ‘hoops’ involves racking up a very sizeable amount of steps by the beginning of July.  Due to an ice-related injury in December that set off a series of inter-related ailments, I am way off my ‘game’.  I have not even been able to do my daily treadmill walk for a couple months and I am really feeling the consequences.  My hope is that as muscles and joints heal, I’ll be able to start getting up to where I need to be and my new ‘watchdog’ will start showing numbers higher than what I get just walking around at work and to and from the bathroom at home.

So, if you see me out and about with an ‘ankle bracelet’ on … no, I am not a felon out on ‘house arrest’….as one of my co-workers jokingly suggested it might appear.  I’m just trying, yet again, to do what I can to achieve a healthier version of me.  No small task indeed.


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