Nothing Is Quite What It Seems…

Well ….here I sit…camera in hand, all settings configured, after much consultation with a set of photography “cheat sheets” I purchased….all bird feeders stocked, bird baths full … whole peanuts placed strategically on my porch railing and elsewhere in hopes of insuring a good shot.  Me in my favorite porch chair with a glass of wine  and three different lenses…to attempt to cover any and all scenarios.  All systems go!  Only one minor glitch … the cacophony of “actors” that were in abundance just this morning — multiple squirrels, woodpeckers, jays and several other varieties of birds, have all but vanished!  So, what’s the deal?!  Do they all take an afternoon siesta?  Can they ‘smell’ me despite purposely forgoing any cologne today?  Or do they somehow still spot me here on the porch … a mere 15 or so feet away .. trying to be inconspicuous behind the flower boxes and clematis?  I don’t know but it’s frustrating when my time for such ”frivolity” is so limited.  Luckily, I’m pretty skilled at multitasking and a little obsessive about “time conservation”. So as you can ‘see’, I’ve also brought along one of the big yellow legal pads I like to write on as well as my Kindle which hosts the good book I’m currently reading.

All kidding aside, this new hobby I’m trying to learn — photography — is much more difficult than I thought.  It appears you must have the patience of Job … to WAIT for the shot, the flexibility of Gumby….. to get your body into sometimes uncomfortable positions to acquire said shot, and the intelligence about and experience with your camera and it’s capabilities to know what settings and which lens to use when.  It’s a pretty daunting, albeit enjoyable challenge.  Apparently, I was already out shoe shopping when the good Lord was handing out the gift of patience … because I definitely did not receive it.  I personally have a very hard time being in that weird land of ‘limbo’ where you are very much interested in something and desperately want to be a part of it but you really don’t have much of a clue YET as to HOW to do it.  I would much prefer a “Jetsons-style dome” we could stand under and merely push a button and instantly be fully equipped in any and all ways for whatever new hobby we cared to pursue.  Wouldn’t that be great!  Why, I wouldn’t get anything else done if you consider all my varied interests and hobbies … I’d be a concert pianist with a world-wide traveling gig, an archaeologist discovering ancient artifacts on the other side of the globe, a horticulturist with a world-class greenhouse, a musician and lead singer in a coffee house-type band, an  artisan quilter, a world class nature photographer and, last but definitely not least an author of countless books, articles and blogs!  Whew!  Guess there’s a reason why there is such a learning curve to all these things!  When I let a little air out of my ‘sails’ and come back down to earth, I am reminded of the need for “balance” …. in everything.

So, I guess I’ll just have to be patient with myself and my “subjects” as I learn this new skill of capturing God’s beautiful creations and life’s moments …. byte by byte.  Nothing good comes without effort ….and time.

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